"Four troubled months: how the advertising market has changed during the quarantine period"
Authors: Pleon Talan CEO Kateryna Spivakova and OMD Media Direction Ukraine CEO Borys Lozynskyi

OMD Media Direction Ukraine CEO BORYS LOZYNSKYI and Pleon Talan CEO KATERYNA SPIVAKOVA talk about the main recent TV and digital trends.

In April, the AGAMA Communications agencies OMD Media Direction and PLEON Talan analyzed the advertising market and presented the industry’s first quarantine trends. At the end of June, the communicators made another snapshot of the media field and presented an updated report, which already shows some changes in the second quarter.

PLEON Talan director KATERYNA SPIVAKOVA confirms that at the beginning of the quarantine, the clients of the PR agency were somewhat limited in communications, as the info field was filled with the topic of the pandemic. Now the situation returns to normal:

“In March and early April, it was quite difficult to post material that did not address the topic of coronavirus. Remember, at that time there were only a few cases in Ukraine. However, the country panicked and many PR campaigns simply did not have a chance to be implemented. Now the situation is returning to normal: the dates of return of large-scale events, tournaments, games are becoming known. And most importantly, despite the record numbers of diseases, people no longer panic, they have come to terms with the presence of coronavirus in life. Now consumers are starting to plan again – vacations, shopping, careers, etc. In addition, people are diversifying their information diet. This is already noticeable in terms of topics and content, and this is a sign of gradual stabilization of the market. Now, when developing campaigns with customers, we try to bypass the topic of the virus, because it causes more and more irritation. However, as a socially responsible company, we see our mission as a reminder of the rules of compliance with quarantine and to promote new normal trends in the communication products we create.”

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