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"Ensuring Help Hits the Target: Communicating Social Projects Effectively"
Author: Managing Director of PLEON Talan, Elina Zghodenko

Elina Zgodenko, the Managing Director of PLEON Talan, shared her own experience in building communication strategies for social projects and explained how to talk about good deeds. She also discussed why everyone working on social projects needs strategies aimed at building trust.

“Consciously or unconsciously, we all follow examples of behavior set by society. Some of these examples are quite explicit and clear calls to action, while others are more restrained or completely native and inconspicuous to the untrained eye. In Ukraine, with the onset of full-scale war, hundreds of NGOs and charitable foundations have intensified their activities. They are all united by an important mission: to help. However, for help to be effective, it must be visible, and for this, the right communication strategy is needed,” writes Elina.

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