Popularization of the psychological helplines for Ukrainians

Objective: develop and implement a communication campaign dedicated to the psychological hotlines for Ukrainians launched by the National Association of Psychologists with the support of the EU and UNDP.

Solution: develop a creative idea and communication strategy, which includes a video and an article for online media with a promo for social media and city lights with posters for train cars.


  • total project coverage includes 17,168,702 contacts
  • 1 video clip; 1 article in the leading online media in Ukraine;
  • 4 cities where the city lights were placed (Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhhorod, Chernivtsi);
  • 4 international trains for poster placement (Odesa to Przemyśl; Kyiv to Chelm; Kyiv to Przemyśl; Kyiv to Chișinău)


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