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"PR managers and journalists: a clash of the titans"
Author: CEO of PLEON Talan, Director of the PR & GR Division of the AGAMA Communication Group Natalyia Dadiverina

Is it possible to reconcile PR managers and journalists without conflict or manipulation? There is something to talk about and something to think about.

NATALIYA DAVIDERINA, CEO PLEON Talan, Director of PR & GR Division AGAMA Communications Communications

Not all news that media are trying to feed us are news; not all company statements are advertising. Еhe truth is somewhere in between. Numerous disputes about who is an honest truth-seeker – a journalist or a PR manager – sometimes reach the point of absurdity.

It is funny when some journalists try to make PR managers looks like clowns blindly convey what they are told, while they themselves turn a blind eye to custom-made media attacks and fake news authored by fellow journalists.

The only difference is that in the latter case, the employer is the media owner. These two extremes then integrate into the thinking paradigm of a significant number of people, regardless of the country and language in which they communicate.

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