Attracting bloggers to the sport events: WWFC13 and WWFC14


  • Attracting bloggers to WWF13 and WWF14 sports events in Kyiv
  • Free collaboration with OL (VIP ticket and pass to Nemiroff zone)
  • Solution

  • Finding Bloggers by Key Messages, positioned by Nemiroff: Men 25-40, interested in sports, tattoos, motorcycles and more
  • Attract 14 bloggers for the activation
  • Result

  • We worked with 14 man-bloggers
  • Event WWF13: 14 posts, 26 stories, more than 15 k interactions, 540 132 total reach
  • Event WWF14: 9 posts, 135 stories, more than 20 k interactions, 805 100 total reach


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