International ranking puts MHP in the list of the most dangerous companies for the environment around the world


  • To overcome the crisis situation caused by the appearance in 50 Ukrainian media publications about the danger of MHP enterprises to the environment
  • Remove / update material / add refutation
  • Solution

  • Fake information in the media was found
  • UNN appeals to the author of the rating, the international network of investors FAIRR, and receives a refutation of fake information
  • Creation the official position of the company on theses:

✔ the FAIRR High Risk Index was awarded to 36 companies out of 60 worldwide. MHP with the index “Average risk” is not included in this list;

✔ no official expert monitoring agency in Ukraine has recorded any violations by MHP regarding greenhouse gas emissions and the risk of antibiotics;

✔ the information about the presence of harmful substances in the meat of “Nasha Ryaba” and the results of the investigation of the publication “Anticor” is not true. The investigation is of opaque origin; not specified author; the methodology is not given; the origin of product samples is not indicated; it is not specified who conducted the examination; no documents confirming the conclusions are given


  • During the month, about 50 materials were removed, containing manipulations and distortions of information from the original source
  • 50+ rebuttal mentions were generated
  • The reputational blow that was initially inflicted and affected the fluctuations in the value of MHP shares on the London Stock Exchange has been neutralized


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