"Infectious fakemania. How the media business has changed and what the modern news consumer can do about it"
Author: PLEON Talan Managing Director Kateryna Spivakova


The process of digital transformation has completely democratized information flows. Information is spread much faster, wider, cheaper and more securely than ever in human history.

The whole world has turned into a small room in which even the whisper is amplified thousands of times.

The development of technology creates many unprecedented opportunities for us: opportunities to communicate, share our own thoughts, influence our environment. Even basic modern smartphones are capable of competing with a small production studio in the creation of visual content. Many people say that they do not watch TV. But almost everyone carries with them a very powerful media channel — a smartphone that allows to choose when and which content to consume. The balance of power in the information space has shifted once and for all. The power to collect, produce and spread information was previously only in the hands of certain elites, and now everyone has some power.

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