NEMIROFF "SPICE UP this winter with Honey Pepper"

Nemiroff “Honey Pepper” is a landmark product of Ukraine. Which is especially relevant during the winter New-Year holidays, when people buy gifts and visit their loved ones. The goal was to increase the awareness of target audience (TA) about the “Honey Pepper” flavored vodka as a product that warms during the cold season.

There was simultaneous communications and PR support for Nemiroff “Honey Pepper” winter campaign under the slogan “SPICE UP!” at the national and regional levels to increase potential product buyers. At the national level, 9 materials were published in top media publications («Новое Время», «Life Pravda», «Вести», «Факты»). At the regional level, 5 materials were published on media resources: «Вечерние Черкассы», «Западный курьер», «Слободской край» newspapers, and on websites: and Gorod Dozor. The launch of communications took place on 2 target market segments: emotionalists and rationalists. For TA, “emotionalists” were chosen online media at the national level: Liga.Net, Segodnya.Ua, TSN.UA, and others. For TA “rationalists”, in addition to print media, online media at the regional level were chosen: «Факты», «Вести», «Западный курьер» newspapers and others.

The PR campaign under the slogan “SPICE UP!” helped convey to TA the value of the traditional Ukrainian product Nemiroff “Honey Pepper”. During the 2 months of the “SPICE UP!” PR campaign, total reach was 145 483.80.